Madeon – You’re On ft. Kyan

Dec 8th, 2014


French producer Madeon brings in the diva vocals for his new pop/dance track “You’re On.” A combination of synths that sound like they were pulled out of a video game and Kyan reciting an ultimatum result in a powerful and uplifting tune.

Cazzette feat Terri B! – “Blind Heart”

Nov 5th, 2014



PRMD (the label started by Avicii & Cazzette’s manager Ash Pournouri) has a new release for us from Cazzette featuring the old school voice of Terri B!. “Blind Heart” has the hollow bass and dark piano line we’re used to in deeper house records, but Cazzette keeps it lively with some tropical drums. A record fit for the club and radio, deep house gets pushed even further into the lime light.

Top 20 Album Sales

Nov 4th, 2014

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Top 20 Album Sales

Oct 29th, 2014

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Greatest Gainers

Oct 21st, 2014



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